Wozart: Pioneers in Building Safe & Secure Products for the Internet of Things

The world has embraced the Internet of Things wholeheartedly. IoT is everywhere and it is changing everything. Devices are being designed in such a way that they communicate with each other and do the task at hand effectively with minimal or no human intervention. But have you ever wondered about the safety of these devices? Are they making your life simple or only adding to the chaos?


Every industry today uses IoT in some way or the other – be it the Healthcare, Automotive, Utilities, Transportation or Consumer electronics. If statistics are anything to go by, the world invested a staggering USD 737 billion on IoT on 2016 and IHS (Information Handling Services).  Market has predicted that the world will have at least 30.7 billion connected devices by 2020.


Being able to turn on the air-conditioner on your way back from office, turn off the lights automatically when you are away from home, driverless cars, smart thermostats, smart locks, smart bulbs, smart security systems – everything looks so exciting, right? IoT devices are devices of convenience, and some of the uber-cool devices have the glam quotient that is capable of immediately raising your social status several notches higher.


Time and again, you may be tempted to buy an IoT product that claims to make your life easier. But before jumping onto the bandwagon, make sure that you have checked the device for its security and safety. Privacy policies too must be carefully studied, and agreements should be signed only after thoughtful consideration, failing which you may end up disclosing sensitive personal data and find yourself at the receiving end of potential attacks by cybercriminals who are always on a lookout for easy targets.


There are a plenty of new companies in the market, some of them selling inferior products at low costs. And since they do not have sufficient funds to invest on maintaining servers and to frequently update their malware defense , data privacy and security of the devices is being compromised. With a defense system that’s so weak, you are giving an open invitation to hackers and cybercriminals to barge into your private space and exposing your devices to malicious software that is designed to give you sleepless nights. iCloud, perhaps is the best cloud network to tackle this problem.


Another important consideration to be taken into account is: IoT devices connected over a Wi-Fi connection typically tend to have compromised security when compared to devices hard-wired to the internet. However, if wireless communication is sufficiently encrypted, there is little reason to worry.


Now and then we keep hearing about the Internet of Things security breaches. WikiLeaks, in fact, claims that the Central Intelligence Agency is involved in shocking security breaches such as using internet-controlled televisions to secretly record conversations and the like. It has thus become very important to use devices that are safe and offer you the privacy that you deserve.


We at Wozart believe in inventing a tomorrow that is both safe and secure from external threats. India’s first future proof home automation product that provides best-in-class security for its users stands testimony to the fact. What’s more? Well, it is India’s first and the only Apple Homekit licensed product.


With our Aura Smart Switch, you can control your appliances and lighting using smart devices  like watches, tablets, Apple TV, and Wireless assistants, etc., switches or your voice. Military-grade encryption that is used to protect all wireless communication makes sure you get your desired level of privacy and security. Using devices that are not secure is like an invitation for danger.


It is every person’s wish that his home must be the most private and safe location but some companies go to the extent of selling you products that are practically watching every move of yours – your sleep patterns, bathroom habits and what not. These companies don’t deny observing your personal data and claim to be using it for the purpose of analysis, but this cannot be justified under any circumstances. Worst still, if the company shuts down or the servers of the IoT product get damaged, all the appliances of your home are virtually dead and stand practically useless.


This is where we as a company are different. Wozart believes in the fact that no person must have unauthorized access to your house, come what may.  We use the safest and most reliable cloud network (iCloud) for data communication. Apple iCloud is military grade 3072-bit key encrypted and is world’s most secure cloud network. So as long as iCloud exists, you can be assured that your devices will keep functioning the way they are. And from the looks of it, iCloud is going nowhere, at least for generations to come. Our products give you absolute data privacy; your data isn’t being monitored by us or by anyone else in the world. This allows you to safely integrate all your IOT devices without having to worry about any external threats.


If you’ve recently renovated your home and fretting over having to change your existing switchboards and wiring all over again, well, you have no reason to worry. Having been designed with the latest technology and careful planning, the Aura Smart Switch can effortlessly integrate with all kinds of existing electrical architectures. Aura switches are environmentally friendly too and help you save up to 30% of energy.


Have you ever wondered how exciting it would be if you could change the atmosphere of your house based on your mood? Well, the Aura smart switch allows you to set the ambiance of your home in a flash. Be it a flamboyant house party or a movie night, the ambiance is all set in matter of seconds.


We also use the Internet of Things in Industries and provide customized solutions for Industrial Automation.


Why would you want to innovate when you can invent? Join us and be a part of the progress of humanity.